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"You may know what you need, but to get what you want, better see that you keep what you have" -Stephen Sondheim

Creativity Takes Courage

Too often, arts professionals are expected to live paycheck to paycheck and be martyrs to their art. But at Entertaining Finance, we’re here to break that mold and destroy the stereotype of the starving artist.

Our clients range from ambitious young college graduates to successful, working, thriving career artists and through retirement and passing down assets to the next generation.

<b>Meet Bailie</b>

Meet Bailie

Bailie Slevin is the founder of Entertaining Finance, a financial advising firm designed to cater to the needs of people in arts and entertainment fields. With 14 years of experience as a financial adviser and a hefty resume in theater, she is redefining planning for artists, entrepreneurs and creatives nationwide.

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<b>Entertaining Your Finances</b>

Entertaining Your Finances

Why is it that talking about finances has become so taboo? We talk so much about our next project, creative endeavor, or passion, but why not our money? At our firm, we help arts professionals not only talk about their finances, but plan for the future with insurance and financial planning. With life and work being so unpredictable, you need reliable risk management and investment planning to help protect your future.

You face unique financial considerations, including various streams of income, uneven income, and the challenge of being the product as well as the CEO. Contact us today to build your own unique plan.

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